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hot key words: Protective film   |   Cushioning material   |   Shielding / conducting  |  Hot melt adhesive

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Core competencies

Adapt to the changes in industrial environment,

                  keeping up with the pace of social development

                  of innovation and resilience

Business philosophy

Pioneering and innovative, realistic and enterprising,

the pursuit of green, and create excellence in the future

Corporate purposes

Adhere to the scientific and technological innovation and green-oriented

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About us / Suzhou HMD Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou HMD Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. main business for mobile phones, tablet PCs, smart wear equipment and other consumer electronics functional device research and development, production, sales and service. Our products are used in consumer electronics products such as smart phones, tablet PCs, notebook computers, smart wear equipment, It is widely used in the global consumer electronics industry.


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